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Altus Investment Group was founded with the goal of lifting everyone in our family - clients, strategic partners, employees, and tenants - to the highest levels financially and mentally so you can live the life you deserve.


Altus is a vertically integrated real estate acquisition and management company with nation-wide holdings and has the sole focus to build generational wealth through passive real estate investments for our clients. 


Our philosophy on investing in real estate is to create wealth by holding properties long-term: allowing our investors to benefit from increased cash flows, appreciation, and major tax advantages. With more than four decades of collective experience, investors can depend on us to carefully select investment projects that generate stable returns, regardless of where the market is performing.


Our mission is to help YOU attain financial freedom by providing support, education and passive cash flow real estate investments.


The Team

Kevin Dugan

Managing Partner


Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in building remote teams, acquiring underperforming assets, construction management, asset management, and managing assets and construction. 


He is currently the Managing Partner of Altus Investment Group, a fast-growing private equity firm with 35AUM that specializes in acquiring, repositioning, operating, and selling residential and commercial properties that are underperforming. These investments have yet to achieve their full potential due to poor management, operational inefficiencies, or outdated materials. His team implements systemized improvements and proven processes to maximize the net income of the assets. Altus is vertically integrated with in house property management, full-time general contractors, and an acquisition group. 


Kevin is passionate about educating others to achieve financial freedom. He is the co-founder of, one of the fastest-growing multifamily meetup communities in Los Angeles, which now has over 8,000 members.

A Los Angeles native, Kevin holds a degree in Biology from UC Berkeley. He found his calling as an entrepreneur late in college after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and is now on a mission to create value through active and passive real estate acquisitions.


Learn More About My Background 

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Tamika Thomas

Urban REI Management

Operations Manager


Tamika is the Operations Manager at Urban REI Management. A licensed broker, Tamika has been managing over 60 properties for more than 5 years now. Her expertise is in finding quality tenants to place in your newly remodeled home. She also has over a year of experience in Construction Management.


Tamika is big on producing quality rental properties on a strict budget. She is a firm believer in managing quality and quantity, overseeing each project from start to finish. She brings valuable property and construction management skills to assist our client base.

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