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Altus Investment Group is a private equity real estate firm that specializes in creating passive income opportunities for busy investors through value-add multifamily, “turn-key” residential rental properties and alternative investments.  We help our investors and clients develop wealth through planning strategies that provide passive income, long-term growth, value appreciation, and portfolio diversification.

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"We have never lost money on a deal [with Altus] due to buying in optimal locations and
 following a formula that provides for explosive margins."

Jack Gibson

Client for 1 year

"The fact that I don't have to worry about managing the property is amazing. Just buy, forget, and let your hard-earned money work for you... [And] the ROI is amazing!"

Frank Terrazas 

Client for 3 years

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At Altus Investment Group we believe you should Always Be yourself, in your network and in real estate.  For all you busy professionals and business owners, we are here to help you generate passive income and grow your wealth through strategic out of state real estate investments.

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Investment Opportunities



We acquire underperforming value-add multifamily assets with incredible cash flow that are in cities with strong demographics and upside potential created through rent increases and operational improvements.


How would you like to collect cash flow and rental income from day 1? 

Our experienced operational team acquires properties at discount, fully renovated them, carefully selects the tenants and professionally manages the investment for the long term.


Looking to have your capital grow for a shorter term, but backed by a performing real estate asset?


We offer a short term and long term savings alternative. We accept loans secured by our investment portfolio so you can earn a consistent return on investment without the stress of owning investment property.


We've taken back control over management to make sure all of the properties perform to their most optimal levels.  We carefully select tenants that are good people and will take care of your investment as though it were their own home.


Acquire Underperforming Assets

Create Passive Income Opportunities

Increase Property Values


High Returns

Tax Benefits

Wealth Generation


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