How It Works

Our company provides fully renovated single-family home investments that are cash-flow positive from day one with professionally managed tenants in place.  YOU own the home, YOU receive monthly rent checks and WE do everything else.


Our Turnkey model provides value by acquiring properties in strategic areas that are significantly undervalued. We renovate this investment to retail standards and place a qualified tenant, then manage the property for our clients. 


Our secret sauce is in our experience to achieve above-market rents by renting to government-supported tenants. We often help single-parent mothers, the elderly, or people with disabilities. In a good economy or bad, these tenants are receiving rental assistance that is direct ACH deposit from the government.


Our business model gives investors the opportunity to buy and own properties, who may not have excellent cash flow opportunities in their own market or simply do not have the time, desire, or expertise to be rehabbers or landlords. Simply put, we have a team in place to do all the work, while you receive the monthly rental check with as little involvement as you desire.

Remove ALL Of The Risk Of Sourcing Deals, Rehabbing Properties, Placing Tenants, and Ongoing Management


We identify distressed and/or discounted properties.

We acquire the properties at deep discounts.

We fully renovate the newly acquired property

We market the home for the new tenant

We interview and screen the tenant applicants

We secure the lease agreement with tenant

We collect the rent checks from the tenant

We handle all future property repairs & maintenance

We have never lost money on a deal due to buying in optimal locations and
 following a formula that provides for explosive margins.”

-Jack Gibson

Talking the first step

So you have a goal of investing in real estate, you have the funds, and you’re ready to explore the most effective way to generate high returns from your real estate investment. You’re excited about the potential and the opportunities before you, and you’re ready to take action. But how exactly do you get started on your turnkey investment journey?

Efficient time management

Our mission is to allow clients to reap the benefits of owning rental real estate without devoting their precious time and resources into making it a success. Not only do we find great properties, we find great properties under market value, in areas where rent is high. This is a win-win for investors as it allows them to save money in the beginning and start making money faster.

Taking Massive Action

Altus IG brings together an exclusive group of individuals that want more out of life. We clearly understand that passive real estate income leads to full financial freedom. Think of us as a highly professional real estate investing club that takes the hard work out of property investment. Typical investing clubs focus mainly on training and education, pairing new investors with seasoned ones in an environment where they can learn from each other. Altus IG is all about performance. We take a giant leap forward and actually DO the work that other clubs just tell you about. We find the ideal properties. We take care of the rehab and renovations. We find quality tenants to keep the rent checks rolling in, and we manage the property so that you don’t have to.

Forming your All-Star team

Investors who partner with sophisticated real estate investment companies have a major advantage over those who go into this whole thing on their own. With a highly professional real estate investment company behind you, you suddenly have access to everything they’ve learned throughout their years in the business, along with their tools, resources, and expansive network of other professionals. Having a team behind you allows you to reap the benefits of turnkey investing without having to do the invasive and time-consuming work that goes into rental real estate investments.


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