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How It Works

Our company provides fully renovated single-family home investments that are cash-flow positive from day one with professionally managed tenants in place.  YOU own the home, YOU receive monthly rent checks and WE do everything else.


Our Turnkey model provides value by acquiring properties in strategic areas that are significantly undervalued. We renovate this investment to retail standards and place a qualified tenant, then manage the property for our clients. 


Our secret sauce is in our experience to achieve above-market rents by renting to government-supported tenants. We often help single-parent mothers, the elderly, or people with disabilities. In a good economy or bad, these tenants are receiving rental assistance that is direct ACH deposit from the government.


Our business model gives investors the opportunity to buy and own properties, who may not have excellent cash flow opportunities in their own market or simply do not have the time, desire, or expertise to be rehabbers or landlords. Simply put, we have a team in place to do all the work, while you receive the monthly rental check with as little involvement as you desire.


Remove ALL Of The Risk Of Sourcing Deals, Rehabbing Properties, Placing Tenants, and Ongoing Management


We identify distressed and/or discounted properties.

We acquire the properties at deep discounts.

We fully renovate the newly acquired property

We market the home for the new tenant

We interview and screen the tenant applicants

We secure the lease agreement with tenant

We collect the rent checks from the tenant

We handle all future property repairs & maintenance

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