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Traditional short-term savings investment vehicles (CDs, savings accounts, bonds)  have a time-honored place amongst banks and other financial institutions. These include government bonds, corporate bonds, savings accounts, money market, municipal bonds and many others. These products typically offer a  low yield of between 1% to 5% in most cases and do not outpace the rate of inflation. You can learn more about these traditional choices and their current rates at:


Promissory notes unlike most of the short-term savings investment vehicles are safe and dependable. They offer better yield usually anywhere from 6 to 9% and are a great way to earn short term returns with yield starting from 6.26% to 9.52% on a 12 months contract. Altus' promissory notes have no liquidation fees or costs and backed with all of Altus' real estate assets and holdings. Connect with one of our Investor Relations Consultants team to learn more.

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